Professional Security Services

Experience Matters

ARKS Consulting LLC was established with the mission of delivering comprehensive security advisory services, on-site security operations, executive protection, and alarm response solutions to a diverse clientele comprising individuals and corporations.

Since its inception, ARKS Consulting LLC has demonstrated a track record of excellence by furnishing security consultation and armed security personnel to a wide array of clients with both domestic and international interests. With a steadfast commitment to safeguarding individuals and assets, the company has achieved remarkable success, safeguarding thousands of individuals and millions of dollars in assets without any reported incidents of loss.

Corporate & Individual

Security Consultations

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In-Person: Security consultants can be utilized in an in-person capacity, supporting a pre-planned event and working with the client’s personnel, the individuals attending the event, the venue personnel for the host venue, and law enforcement or emergency services personnel on-site or who have to respond due to an incident.

Residential: Consultants provide in-depth insight for clients wishing to improve their security footprint. This can be as simple as aiding with Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) and providing guidance for security planning for existing residences or properties, as well as for new constructions homes still in the planning or construction phase.

Commercial: Security consultations can also be conducted for commercial structures or business operations, including complete commercial site security plans and 24/7 on-site armed security operations.

This is our most popular service, and is the foundational service upon which ARKS Consulting LLC was established.

Executive Security

Executive Security Operations

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Single-Consultant or Multi-Consultant executive protection details may be organized at the request of the client to function in the role of either covert or overt security for VIPs, high-value targets, or high net-worth individuals.

Executive protection details can be utilized in a formal, fully pre-planned and executed executive protection mission including travel and route planning, convoy operations, and on-site dismounted executive protection operations, or it can be more informal, such as an individual consultant acting as an armed chauffeur for a client’s local or regional travel.

Protected Deliveries

Armed Courier

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Consultants can act as couriers for sensitive or high-value items which the client needs transported from one location to another. This can be as simple as jewelry sent across town or an armed driver escort to the bank for the client to deposit a large sum of cash, or as involved as sending valuables across the country to a client’s business interests or one of their clients.

A Vigilant Presence

Site Security

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ARKS Consulting LLC specializes in providing armed security guard services for clients wishing to enhance the security of their personal or business locations or events. These operations can be as brief as a single day event, or can be contracted for long-term provision of armed, on-site security personnel.

Individual clients with a problematic individual in their personal circle creating a short-term security risk, business clients having to terminate employment of a problem employee, or other situations of a temporary nature can utilize our site security services in a short term or long term arrangement depending upon their needs.

In addition to the temporary site security services, ARKS Consulting LLC has the ability to provide long-term on-site armed security. This service can be up to and including 24/7/365 security for a business or commercial property, or if there is a sustained threat to an individual client, on-site security can be maintained at personal or residential locations as well.

A Watchful Eye

Alarm Response Services

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Consultants can be contracted to respond to alarm activations for our clients. By subscribing to this service, clients get the benefit of an armed consultant acting as a keyholder responding in-person to all alarm activations, whether residential or business. With ARKS Consulting LLC as a listed keyholder for these clients, their alarm companies and 911 Dispatch will have the ability to contact ARKS Consulting LLC directly, requesting to send a consultant to respond to an alarm activation, even if the client is out of reach, or simply unable to respond.

This is a quickly growing service, due to the low set cost and high payoff for the peace of mind, knowing that even if the alarm goes off, you won’t have to be inconvenienced to return home to check on things. And, in the event the alarm is an actual incursion into your property or an incident requiring some type of repair or response, our consultants can be on-site to coordinate those actions, handling the issue for you in your absence or simply advising and assisting if you are able to return home.

Emergency Response

Quick Reaction Force

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Single-Consultant or Multi-Consultant Quick Reaction Force (Q.R.F.) can be maintained for each client to respond to security breaches, on-site emergencies, travel emergencies, active threat responses (whether the active threat is due to emergencies such as a fire or natural disaster, as well as incidents of coordinated theft attempts or assaults on an individual or location), or any other exigency which the client deems a response of additional armed and trained personnel urgent, either in a response role or simply to be on-site to act in an advisory role to help safeguard the client and their interests.

The Q.R.F. can be maintained in an on-call status for a reliable response with a longer response time, or in a full-time standby status with consultants being maintained in a ready status to respond immediately upon request from a specified location, based upon the needs of the client.

Preparing For The Worst

Planning & Threat Mitigation

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Consultants may oversee and evaluate an individual’s or business’ established site security procedures and personnel. Consultants may propose adjustments to existing security plans or procedures for existing locations and operations, or may give recommendations for additional sites or operations.

Safety Conscious Travel

Travel & Route Planning

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Consultants can plan for a client’s travel by coordinating with the client’s travel agent or point of contact for their travel planning, advising on security risks or concerns and helping to facilitate the best and safest plan possible. They can also evaluate existing travel plans, making adjustments around the client’s schedule up to and including detailed route pre-planning and advanced boots-on-the-ground reconnaissance of anticipated travel locations at the request of the client.

Sharing Our Expertise

Firearms & Security Training

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Many of our consultants hold certifications as instructors in various arenas, as well as extensive experience in a variety of security-centric disciplines. Consultants can be contracted for private or group training ranging from firearms safety to corporate active shooter response tactics and policy/procedure development to surveillance/countersurveillance and a wide variety of other topics.